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Guatape, Colombia (Map Location)
Guatape is located approximately 90 minutes outside of  Medellin and is becoming a  recreational destination for many Colombians and foreign visitors.  Half the fun of traveling to Guatape is driving through the Colombian countryside lined with beautiful rolling hills, small towns, farms and friendly people.  Once you arrive in Guatape you will notice that the town borders a reservoir built for a hydroelectric dam. The lake covers thousands of acres and can be explored and enjoyed by renting a boat or taking one of the large party boats available on weekends.  Pablo Escobar, the famous drug lord, once called Guatape his home and  built several big Casas on its lake shores.  His presence made Guatape a dangerous place for both foreign visitors and local Colombians.  After his  death Guatape transformed into a quiet town that's growing as a tourist destination.  Escobar's main home is now a bombed out shell that is easily viewed from the lake.  Guatape has new resort hotels, restaurants, homes, and recreational rentals (boats and water skis) bordering the lake. The huge Rock that borders the lake is an unexplained geological phenomenon. With 2/3 of its height below ground, the exposed vertical face is over 200 feet high and visible from throughout the surrounding countryside.  Anyone can scale the rock via a staircase built into one side. On the top of the rock, a restaurant offers outdoor tables overlooking views that stretch to the horizon in every direction. 

Guatape is a Medellin travel destination you don't want to miss!  Call Hector one of the personal drivers we use to schedule a tour to Guatape.
El Penol
Town of Guatape (underwater)
Poblos Casa
Pablos Guatape Casa
Guatape Lake
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Guatape Colombia Photo
Guatape, Colombia 
Population:  11,000
Distance from Medellin:  86 KM
El Penol (The Rock)
Boating & Fishing
Guatape (spanish site)