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Jose Maria Cordova Airport (MDE)
Medellin's modern International Airport, Rionegro/Medellin-Jose Maria Cordova (MDE), is 3,353 miles from Los Angeles, 2,502 miles from Dallas, 1,976 miles from Atlanta and 1,381 miles from Miami.
Jose Maria Cordova Airport (MDE) is served by:
Aero Republica

Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport (EOH)
Olaya Herrera was formerly Medellin's International Airport until the construction of Jose Maria Cordova International Airport in Rionegro, Antioquia, Colombia.  Herrera Airport is still classified as an International Airport but only schedules regional flights within Colombia.  
Olaya Herrera Airport is served by:

Other Airports in Colombia
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American Airlines Medellin Colombia
Visas:  U.S. citizens do not need a Colombian visa for a tourist stay of 90 days or less.  Please click the Visa link for detailed information. 

Arrival:   When you arrive at Jose Maria Cordova Airport (MDE) depart the aircraft and follow the crowd and signs to Immigration.  The Immigration area is downstairs and located next to baggage claim and customs.  Wait in line until called by an Immigration Officer and present your passport.  The Officer will probably not say much as he reviews your passport. The length of stay granted to you will be determined by the Officer and will be stamped in your passport.  Normally, 30 days. 

Important: If your staying in Colombia over 30 days ask the Immigration Officer for a 60 day Visa!  Don't worry about your Spanish since the Officer will understand 60 days in English.  Asking for 90 days will probably require a long explanation and review of your departure ticket.  After you get your visa stamp make a left turn and walk 20 feet  to baggage claim.

Baggage Claim:  Keep your luggage claim tags (attached to your ticket jacket)!  Collect your luggage and wait in the custom's line.  An airport employee will check your claim tags and take your custom's form.  You will then be asked to press the light signal for a Red or Green light.  If you get a green light you can place your luggage on the X-Ray machine and exit the terminal.  If you get a Red light your luggage will be hand inspected by a policeman before you are allowed to exit the terminal.  To exit the terminal walk 20 feet straight ahead and turn right.  You will find a lot of people waiting for their relatives, numerous taxi drivers and porters wanting to help you with your baggage.  Hang on to your luggage if you don't want help and advise "no gracias" with a smile. Otherwise they will help by pulling luggage from your hand!

Ground Transportation:  The best way to get to the Medellin Executive Hotel is by Executive Transportation.  The Executive Hotel is 19 miles Southeast of the airport and a short 30 minute ride via the new Las Palmas Express Way.  Our English Speaking Driver, Hector, will pick you up at the airport for 60,000 pesos, about $30.00.