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Medellin Executive Hotel Airport Pickup
One of the best ways to travel, to or from Medellin Airport, Jose Maria Cordova (MDE), is by private vehicle with a personal driver.  Why take a regular taxi when you can have your own personal driver for about the same fee!

Let Medellin Executive Suites Hotel arrange for one of our personal drivers to pick you up at the airport.  Our primary driver, Hector (featured in the photos), has been providing transportation in Medellin for over four years.  Hector is bilingual and speaks very good English.
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The standard fee to or from the airport (MDE) is 60,000 pesos (APRX. $27.00 US).  For 3 or more passengers our New Dodge Carivan is available for 100,000 pesos each way.

Want to tour Medellin in a private vehicle or drive to a special destination?  Why not hire one of our drivers for an hour, a couple of hours, or the entire day.  The cost can vary depending on your needs.  If you take a long journey that requires more gasoline you can expect to pay a little more.

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Getting more then a Driver! You will probably develop a personal relationship with your driver like many of our clients have.  Our drivers are on call 24/7 and will always be there when you need transportation.  They can help you with many things and show you the real Medellin. 
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Medellin Executive Hotel Airport Transportation Photo
Medellin Executive Hotel Airport Transportation Photo
Medellin Airport Transportation Photo
Medellin Hotel Parque Lleras Photo
Executive Mini-Coach Available
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