Medellin Visitor Guide
Parque Lleras Medellin Photo
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Palmahia Disco
Palmahia Disco
Palmahia Entrance
Palmahia Disco
Palmitas Disco
Palmitas Disco
Palmitas Disco
Palmitas Disco
Babylon Disco
Nativa Disco phone 266-6020
Circus Club
OZ Disco
OZ Disco
Circus Club
Palmahia Disco Medellin Colombia Photo
Palmahia Disco
"Caribbean Magic"
Carrera 42 No. 85B-121, Itagui
362-5757 (Medellin)
Thursday-Saturday  9:30 P.M.-4:00 A.M.
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Mangos Disco
"American Old West"
Carerra 42 No. 67A-121, Itagui
277-6123 (Medellin)
Thursday-Saturday  9:30 P.M.-4:30 A.M.
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Medellin, Colombia offers a wide variety of possibilities for evening entertainment.  Medellin Discos, Clubs and Bars can be found from Las Palmas to Sabaneta where
the most beautiful women in the world party the night away!

The most popular Discos and Clubs are listed below.
Carrera 38 No. 26-260
444-0807 (Medellin)
Thursday-Saturday  9:30P.M.-4:00 A.M.
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Babylon Disco
Carrera 38 No. 26-260, Medellin
381-8169 (Medellin)
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Carnival Club
Calle 80 Sur 50-61 La Estrella
302-6229 (Medellin)
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Palmitas Disco Photo Medellin Colombia
Palmitas Disco -Video-
Carerra 38 No. 26-41, Poblado
232-7199 (Medellin)
Open Just About Every Night
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Mangos Disco Photo
Lakasa Club Photo Medellin Colombia
A Great Nightclub in Parque Lleras.
Ladies Night every Wednesday
Carrera 36 No. 10-38, Poblado
311-5048 (Medellin)
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Babylon Disco Medellin Colombia Photo
Medellin Discos - Medellin Clubs - Medellin Bars
Circus Club
Calle 9 No. 42-18 Medellin
268-2758 (Medellin)
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Circus Disco Medellin Photo
OZ (by Triada) Disco
La Triada Restaurant (first floor)
OZ Disco (second floor)
WOKA Club (third floor)
Carrera 38 No. 8-8, Pobaldo
311-5781 (Medellin)
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OZ Disco Parke Lleras Photo
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Medellin Disco Photo
folia club
Calle 10 No. 40-07 Medellin
266-260 (Medellin)
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Medellin Clubs Photo
Nativa Club
Km 2 Via Las Palmas
266-6020 (Medellin)
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Other Discos

DC 10 Disco
Calle 25A 43 B-199
Medellin, Colombia
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Moon Disco
Calle 10A 38-21
Kukaramakara Disco Photo Medellin Colombia
Carrera 43G No. 25A-58
232-8390 (Medellin)
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