Medellin Visitor Guide
Medellin Executive Hotel Frequently Asked Questions
Medellin Executive Hotel Reservations and Payment

What is the minimum Stay?
Three nights

How do I make a reservation?
Please call or email us

How much money is required to confirm my reservation?
A 20% deposit is required to confirm your reservation Executive Payment Policy

When is my balance due?
By 12:00 PM the day after your arrival  Executive Payment Policy

Can I cancel my reservation?
Yes  Executive Payment Policy

Day of Arrival and Checking-In

How do I get from the airport to the Medellin Executive Hotel?
We suggest using our personal drivers 
Executive Airport Transportation

What are the check-in and check-out times?
Check-in 12:00   Check-out 12:00
(Please advise if you will need additional time)

While you're at the Medellin Executive Hotel

Are there any extra charges?

Is there Internet and Cable TV?
Yes, the Best Internet and Cable TV in Medellin

Can I invite a guest to spend the night?
Yes, you can have one adult guest visit overnight

Can I rent a car and hire a full-time driver?
Yes, please check Executive Services

What if I have problems or need assistance?
Ask one of the Executive Staff Members to assist you or call us at the numbers detailed below
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please email or call us.

Medellin Hotel Staff
For Reservations Email or call us today.
Medellin Executive Hotel
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