Medellin Visitor Guide
Rionegro, Colombia 
"Santiago de Arma Rionegro"
Population:  100,000
Distance from Medellin:  45 KM
Elevation:  2125 meters

Museum of Religious Art
Hill Cemetary
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Rionegro Colombia
Toll Plaza Medellin to Rionegro
Road to Rionegro
On the Road from Medellin to Rionegro
One of the many wood shops on the way to Rionegro
One of the many wood shops on the way to Rionegro
Road to Rionegro
Road to Rionegro Countryside
One of the Many Wood Shops on the Road to Rionegro
San Carbon Restaurant on the Road to Rionegro
Road to Rionegro
Road to Rionegro
Road to Rionegro
Children's Park on the way to Rionegro
Crepes & Waffles Restaurant in Rionegro
Esso Station in Rionegro
Toll Plaza on return trip to Medellin
Rionegro, Colombia
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Rionegro is a beautiful city located 45 kilometers from Medellin.  The drive from Medellin to Rionegro is half the fun since the road will take you through some of the most beautiful countryside in Colombia.  Travelers will pass many small shops along the road selling wood furniture and other unique products made out of wood.

Rionegro sites of Interest
Museum of Religious Art
Casa Museo de la Convention
Casa de la Maestranza
Museo del Banco Santander

Park of the Martyrs
The equestrian statue of General Cordova
Hill Cemetery

Rionegro Events
The Governing Council of Rionegro has determined that tourism in Rionegro will focus on providing  greater visibility to historical scenarios by holding cultural, academic, and symbolic events around places like the Casa Museo de la Convention, La Casa de la Maestranza, the Museum of Relious Art and La Plaza de La Libertad.   Check Rionegro's website for more information.

Don't miss the International Festival of Kites (normally held each August).
Rionegro is a Medellin travel destination you don't want to miss!  Call Hector one of the personal drivers we use to schedule a tour to Rionegro.